This word ‘ Hindu––_’ has got the capacity to rise the community form sleep. That is why the forces which are inimical to us think of doing some thing which makes us not to use that word. Whoever helps such forces would become the one doing us harm. For a patriot ‘Vandemataram’ is very inspiring and encourages lone for country. Like wise this word ‘ Hindu’ is also inspiring to this community from the historical times and encouraging to do dharma. That is why Vivekananda said “be proud to be born as a Hindu”. He also said that one who gets ecstatic the moment he listens to the word Hindu, is the real Hindu. For the last sixty centuries and above, the name borne by this community is ‘Hindu’. This name is spread through out our country form Kashmir to Kanya kumari and Atak to Cuttack. This is the very name which brought our country as the best nation of Aryans, before the eyes of all. Our enemies had opposed us only to wipe out this holy name. For this Hindutva only, thousands of our warriors from Salivahana to Sivaji have been fighting for thousands of centuries, this is the very name which appears as the printed one on the ashes of Padmini and Chittod. The dream dreamt by Samartha Ramadoss was about this Hindu kingdom only. For the protection of this Hindu flag only, Rana pratap, Balaji Rao, Banda Bahadur, chhatrasal, Navasaheb peeshwa and others fought. Veera Savarkar says that the feeling that this word ‘Hindu’ as not ours and rejecting this word would be like cutting the hearts of our people, because for this Hindutva only, lakhs of great warriors sacrified their lives like straws.


Infact if the Hindus get rid of self – condemnation and non – recognition of their self indentity, and Hindu community gets integrated, it becomes powerful and can not only be happy in it self but also can give peace and comfort to the entire world. But the unfortunate thing is that the present day ordinary Hindu is over whelmed by the delusions spread by the foreign countries and influence of their publicity. He is moving far away from his most sublime Hindutva. The socalled present day secularisam is very much in that Hindutva it self. That is why we have honoured all religions, gave hospitality and provided place for them.We should be wakeful and stand up and not simply become ready to get our selves destroyed in the name of broad heart by others, even while they are destroying our own religion it self, by coming from some where and taking refuge in us, like ungrateful persons. We have to protect our dignity. Vivekananda said like this, “you can not be called as Hindu Unless you are shaken by the wave of the great powerful electric shock of listening to the word ‘Hindu’. You become only when a person, where ever he is and what
ever language he speaks but speaks of himself as Hindu, becomes your greatest wellwisher and loved ones to you. If all the Hindus put on the dress of some other community, follow the method of eating the food and behaviour of others, Hindu desa would never prosper. If we cry “darkness! darkness”, darkness does not go. At least a small lamp is to be lighted. That should be commenced by you only.

6. Religion means : Religion in the broad sense means opinion. ‘Mata’ word is formed form the root of ‘ jnane’ and participle of ‘ bhave’.The word ‘ mata’ has got four meanings of agreement, opinion, knowledge and worship. ‘Matam’ is the very thought which is born in the mind. It is defined as the thought or knowledge which originated from the mind. Several people gave explanations for the religion (matam). To indicate the path to get salvation, great seers and philosphers who were born here expressed some opinions.They only are called as religious. Since those preached those opinions, religions were called by their names. What Buddha told is Buddhism. What Mohammed told is Islam. What Christ told is christianity. Religion is the path followed by a man to reach the God. It indicates the relation between the God and devotee. Great people take birth and establish religions. They preachto their disciples and they in turn propagate it.


People use these two words ‘religion and ‘dharma’ freely, but in reality, the religion means, as told above,an opinion expressed through a person. Religion is the path for the man to reach the God. A man with out a religion is like a boat with out a destination. Seekers of knowledge and enlightened ones with the wealth of supreme knowledge, perform penance to know the reality about the creation, the supreme purpose of life, the secret behind life and death and grasp some truths and tell us the same. That is their opinion and that means their religion(matam). Those who followed their path bcome their disciples or followers of that religion. On our holy land several such powerful great people were born and told us about their religions. For all the other countries put together, there were born only two or three such great people .Gandhiji says that no man can survive without religion. Those who claim that they do not have any connection with religion, with the ego of their logical power, are like those who say that they are breathing air but they do not have nose. (To be continued…)