European continent: Greak country received from India, philosophy, stories from puranas and other traditions. Pythagoras, the greek mathematician and thinker came to India and studied various sciences form the scholars here, by serving them as their disciple. In Greece country he had several disciples. He preached to the Greeks that there was rebirth and the cause of birht was the result of human action. It is the opinion of some westerners that this Pythogoras who propounded the Hindu doctrines must be an Indian who migrated to Greece. From Greece only the culture of Europe spread to many other coutries. In European continent the Hindu influence is very much seen. Colonel Todd said that the name ‘Europe’ is derived form the sanskrit word ‘Suroopa’. Even before two thousand years back, worship of Srikrishna was very much in prevalence in Armenia. In the First century B.C., by the time Julius caesar conquered Britarin, there were religions in that country called Druads. Observing their features, some westerners them selves were of the opinion that they were the teachers of Hindu religion. Those religious teachers used to preach that soul or self was permanent and there was rebirth. That way our people were in the role of teachers to the citizens of Europe even in very ancient times.


Continent of Africa:  Egypt is a good residence of Hindu culture. Hertotus, a historian wrote that even 2400 years back Indian traditions were there in Egypt. This Hertotus belonged to the fifty century B.C. They got a science of preserving a human dead body for a good number of years. This is an Indian science. In Ramayana it is mentioned that the dead body of Dasaratha was preserved in an oil, till his son Bharata came. This was the ancient deity of Egyptian. That word was derived from the word ‘Eeswara’. On the royal throne of Egypt there was the idol of Hanuman on one side and idol of Garuda on the other side. Madame Blavetsky wrote in her book that Indian arts, Indian traditions of the Vedas and scriptures spread from our country to Egypt and from there they further spread to Greece, Rome and from there to the other European countries. Like wise they spread from the Eastern countries like Java island to America. Madame Blavetsky was a world renowned person as the founder of the Theosophical society. There are the Hindus in large numbers in the countries of African continent like Sudan, Kenya, Tanjania, Mauritius, Fiji, Ithiopia and others. There the Hindu dharma has been there since a long time.


American continent: There are a good number of the symbols and signs of Hindu religion. All people think that before Columbus discovered America, it had no connection with the other world. But from some things which have been revealed recently, it is known that America had connection with India. In some areas of that continent,especially in Mexico several proofs and evidences were available. In Mexico idols of Vighneswara were recovered. Some people who were unwilling to accept the influence of the Hindu dharma, tried to argue taht they were not the idols of our God but only the figures of elephants. But it is to be understood that neither in the past nor now there had been any elelphants in America. The head for that idol is that of elephant but the entire body is that of human being only. It is an indisputable matter that by the availability of the idols of other Hindu deities, that idol is definitely connected to Vighneswara only. It is also being known that there was the worship of Nagaraja (divine serpent) and the tradition of worshipping the rivers with a feeling that they were deities. In a news item on 23.02.2003 under the
caption.”Naga Puja Abroad”, it was made known that in Abyssynia, Japan, China and Greece countries there was a method of ‘Naga Puja’. They are the Hindu traditions. Still there are several such things which can not be put down here due to limitation of the size of this book. This way we see the spread of Hindutva to various countries and sub – continents. In each country we are coming across thousands of ancient symbols and signs of Hinduism. In the world there is this influence of Hinduism on almost each country’s culture. For that there are several proofs every where. In Arab countries there has been a positive feeling towards the Hinduism since very long time. When Mohammed invaded the temple of Kaba, captured it and was about to burn all the books there, some poets present there prayed to him to spare the books, he had not destroyed some plaques of literary writings. Later those literary pieces were recovered. In those literary writings there were honourable references to Mahadeva, Hindu, Vikramaditya and other words. In the first book of persians ‘ Bemiyad’ (First chapter and ninetenth sloka) in the list of best countries, Hapta Hind’ (Sapta Sindh) country, that is Hindudesa, was mentioned as one. Even by 500 B.C, it is known that the word ‘ Hindu’ was honourably used. From the Behereen rock edict belonging to 520-518 B.C, we can know how much influence of Hindu culture was there in our Gandhara desa(today’s Afganistan) Hindutva, which has influenced the world so much, has never spread to any place with violence and enticements. We should never forgot the thing that Hindutva has never acted with religious hated. That is the good will of Hindutvas. That good will and feeling is getting deceived by the conspiracies of other religions. Today’s history is telling us that where there is Hindu religion, other religions can enter due to the good thinking of Hindutva but it is impossible for the Hindu religon to enter where there are other religions having the feeling of hatred. Unless we under this truth and protect the Hindu religion even to the extent of its present condition, there is the likelihood of Hindu community falling into danger. Every Hindu has to understand this truth and should put in his our effort to the extent possible for saving his dharma. (To be Continued…)