8. ‘Hindu’ as a word for the country : Hindu word is also said to be applicable for the country, because Hindu desa is the one where the Hindus, who follow Hindu dharma, live. It is also in vogue to call those poeple who do not follow the Hindu dharma, as the Hindus because of the country’s name. Sri Mohammed Currimbhoy Chagla explained like this. “French people call the Indians as the Hindus. This is also correct description. All those who live in this country and treat this as their home are all Hindus only. In fact even though our religions are different, we are all the Hindus. Mine is Aryan Tradition. Their culture is my culture. That has come to me from them in the form of inheritance. So I am a Hindu.” That great man’s word is true. We may not have any objection to call all the people as the Hindus But except great enlightened persons like Sri. M.C. Chagla, non – Hindus do not tolerate others to call them as the Hindus based on the country’s name.


When shahi Imam of Jumma Masjid, Syed Abdullah Bukhari went to Mecca, people in that area asked him whether he was a Hindu, for which Abdulla Bukhari immediately replied that he was not a Hindu but muslim. That way they do not agree that they are the Hindus because of their coming form Hindudesa. They can not accept the philosophy of Aryans in their thought. So they do not accept that they are the Hindus. What we can say about those who have been in this community for several generations and have changed their religion very recently, if they do not feel, that they are the heirs to the great Aryan tradition but think that they have a treasure in the foreign country and that this land is a foreign one for them?

In fact each national in this country has to accept that he is Hindu. Any one whether he is Saivaite or Sakteya or Vaishnavaite or Jain or muslim or christian or parsee or Jew, has to live as Hindu only. The unfortunate thing is that an ordinary Hindu is not living as Hindu, leave alone those of other religions living as Hindu. Hindu Jan Jagran activists approached a politician who is also – Hindu and requested him to take a small book on ‘Hindu dharma’ for a price of twenty five paise. That politician told them that he was not a Hindu but was a secular person and refused to take that book and also denied that he was a Hindu. That same gentleman made all arrangements in his village for conducting a christian meeting. This is the state of an average Hindu gentleman’s explanation for secularism is to reject the Hindutva and offer every thing to the other religions. He is the representative for lakhs of people. This is how our condition. Many of christians and muslims who live here were consider Vatican and Mecca as the destination for their hopes and ideals, leave alone their thinking that they are not Hindus. Christians in this country are trying to make this country a christian nation along with other christian nations and muslim to make this coutnry as one of the world Islamic countries. For achieving that, very dangerous plot is being hatched. Not able to understand this implication, we are reconciling our selves that they are doning some thing good. Unless we look at the Hindu community with special understanding , we can not recognise the danger lying before us because this community is getting shrunk from moment to moment and getting converted in to other religions.Every Hindu has to take note of the wild fire of other religions engulfing him, and attempt is to be made to put out that fire. Other wise its flames gradually burn him self. This understanding is very much necessary. He should give up the attitude of not seeing the changes happening before him and not listeningto the sounds always coming from all sides and should think about their intention as to why they are doing so. A separate solution is not required. It is enough if we recognise that. If you are not able to tell your colleagues, please see some how that this book is read by them. Problem will be definitely solved.


One christian lecturer wrote an article in a souvenir that the people of this country had learnt culture only after the English people came to this country and all the students immediately led a protest campaign against this . It is necessary to know certain historical truths,because we are in such a bad shape as to believe the thinking of christians that this country had learnt to wear a cloth only on account of christian countries. Other wise there is a danger of believing their words as true.


9. Hindu dharma as the light of knowledge to the world: When the entire world is in the darkness of ignorance, Hindu dharma had spread to the four corners of the world and shown the light of knowledge. It made the light of dharma flourish in the world. Here there is an important thing for us to undertand. Our dharma had not gone to them by wielding power or flourishing the sword or offering enticements or deceiving them. Except preaching dharma, our people had not plotted to destroy the customs of the other poeple and not wanted to establish our religions kingdom. There is no selfishness in those virtuous Hindu people except to uphold and resurrect dharma, by which only they got the position of teacher. With out harming the nationalities of others, our poeple made them enlightened. (To be Continued…)