Parasara Samhit Patala-1

ŚRĪ PARĀŚARA SAMHITĀ – The Total LifeStory of Lord Hanumān (English)

Collection, compilation and original Telugu commentary
Ācārya Dr. Annadānam Chidambara Śāstry

English rendering
Ācārya Dr. Nadiminty Sreerāmachandra Śāstry


Ācārya Annadānam Chidambara Śāstry

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Hanumān Temple Complex

There are 13 seats for Hanumān and 9 incarnations. I spread information about these through my pen and voice, which I felt was not sufficient. I thought that if a great temple is built as per conventions enshrined in the Parāśara Samhitā, the whole society will be benefited directly the benevolence of the Lord. But how will it be possible for me to do so, working as I am full-time in Ongole town for livelihood? But Hanumān is the one who makes impossible things possible – asādhya sādhaka. If we have his kindness nothing is impossible.

But how will it be possible for me to do so, working as I am full time in Ongole town? But if we have Hanumān’s kindness nothing is impossible. So, with the standards mentioned in the Parāśara Samhitā that I have investigated, I started to install  the idol forms of His nine incarnations, hoping that some great person or persons may in future build temples for them. I started to install the idols of the nine incarnations of Lord Hanumān, who blessed the effort right away, it looks.

The Cooperative Building Society of Ongole and Panchayat, local governing body of Ongole rural area together donated 1000 square yards of land for building the Hanumannavatāra Temple in Sunder Nagar of Mangamuru Donka area. From clod-breaking to installation of each of the Incarnation Idols of Lord Hanumān, He helped performance of everything through my hands. There is nothing more spectacular than this in my life.

At this juncture, I was moved out of Ongole on duty. I was sad to be separated from the Hanumān complex that I was instrumental in building. The wish of Lord Hanumān was perhaps that I should carry out more of His works and spread His message for the benefit of more and more people. Perhaps He did not want me to be stuck in routine temple administration and other mundane things. He wanted more from me. At the new place I found a similar idol of the Lord as the one I established and, a bonus, a Hanumān Sālagrāma (rare fossil stone form). I realized that the change is Lord’s blessing for me to perform the satisfying pious duty of spreading his message to more and more people.

Spread of Parāśara Samhitā

Many revered Heads of spiritual organizations blessed me and appreciated my work on Parāśara Samhitā. Among them were the legends – Head of the Kurtālam Mutt Srī Śivachidānanda Bhārathi Swāmy and Head of the Datta Mutt, Srī Gaņapathi Sacchidānanda Swāmy. I bow to them with reverence.

So as to spread the message of Parāśara Samhitā across the world I got it printed in Devanagari script also. Many north Indian journals and newspapers published laudatory write-ups on the Devanagari version of the Parāśara Samhitā. The National Sanskrit Vidyapeeth started a PhD programme on Parāśara Samhitā. I am honoured that my own son Chiranjeevi Hanumath Prasād is carrying out that work, which takes my Hanumān service to the next generation.  I was informed that the Aligarh Muslim University has also started research work on Parāśara Samhitā.

Parāśara Samhitā has to reach every single Hanumān devotee. I took a holy pledge to give my full effort to meet this goal. I planned to bring out 3 volumes covering 18 aspect of Lord Hanumān in Telugu. I brought out the first volume comprising of 40 chapters. Hanumān can be easily satisfied by devotees. His benevolence can be obtained by following His path. The Parāśara Samhitā contains all such paths. Hence Parāśara Samhitā has to be acquired, studied with devotion and to be practiced in one’s life to be blessed with Hanumān’s benevolence in this as well as the next life, again and again.

On the occasion of opening of the Hanumān Temple in Ānandathīrtha Agraharam in Guntur district, Srī Dhāra Satyanārāyaņa Siddhānti, who got the Hanumān idol made and wished me to establish it exactly as laid down in scriptures.  Then we talked about the Parāśara Samhitā. I said that because many parts of it were missing from the material collected earlier, I am trying to get the same reprinted with material collected later. That gentleman readily agreed to get it printed and encouraged me to undertake the work. Thus I could bring that work too before you. I pray Lord Hanumān that all those who helped me in bringing out Parāśara Samhitā with eternal happiness.

Sri Suneel Gomber of Lucknow, a great Hanumān devotee, established the Jai Bajrangbali Charitable Trust, under which he organizes regular Hanumān functions, publishes a magazine entitled “Hanumān Kŗpā Sandeş”, opened the first ever Hanuman Museum and published valuable works in Hindi and English, including ŚRĪ PARĀŚARA SAMHITĀ in Dēvanāgari with Hindi translation. May Lord Hanumān bless his family with happiness.

The English Version

Many friends from India and abroad suggested that the Parāśara Samhitā be brought out in English so that it can reach a larger number of people. We have set up the website in English with appropriate Telugu interjections. This has only raised the appetite of non-Telugu or Hindi speaking Hanumān devotees to have the whole Parāśara Samhitā in English. While in search of a suitable way to do so, again by the blessings of Lord Hanumān, I was invited by a gentleman in Visakhapatnam, AP, to see and advise on an English manuscript on “In the Path of Hanumān: Personality Development & Affair Management” (later brought out in Telugu as “Maruthi Maargamulo: Vyaktitva Vikasam – Kaarya Saaddhana”) that he has prepared and illustrated. I saw all that on his computer and was very much impressed with his innovative devotion to Lord Hanumān.

That is Prof. Dr. Nadiminty Sreeramachandra Śāstry, a descendant of a great Sanskrit grammarian of the 18th century, Srī Nadiminty Sarvamañgaļēśwara Śāstry, creator of the basic Sanskrit learning texts Śabdamañjarī, Samāsakuśumāvalī, Vibhaktivilāsam and Ramāyaņasangraham. Prof. Śāstry’s said work titled ‘In the Path of Hanumān: Personality Development and Affair Management’, was published by a Delhi publisher. Earlier, Prof. Sastry has also brought out his ancestor’s above Sanskrit grammar works in Devanagari script with English explanations and commentary. This was published by the famous Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Publishers, Varanasi.

A professor in Veterinary and Animal Sciences, and author of many professional as well as scripture-philosophy oriented books in Telugu and English, Prof Śāstry readily agreed to undertake the huge task of rendering Parāśara Samhitā into English, humbly feeling himself as an instrument of Hanumān and the work, worship to Lord Hanumān. Only his being busy in editing a big international edition of a professional book delayed this work. But ultimately he successfully undertook the task. I can only say all this is Lord Hanumān’s benevolence that allowed us to take Parāśara Samhitā to more and more people.

Lo! And behold! Lord Hanumān created so many positive situations and influenced so many people positively. May the Pavanputra, Kesarinandana, Āñjanēya bestow happiness on all.


Blessed I am, Successful I am

Annadānam Chidambara Śāstry
Place: Hyderabad
Date: 30.11.2016 (Deepaavali)

“सर्वे जनाः सुखिनो भवन्तु” “May all become happy”

(End of Introduction)


Ācāraya Dr Nadiminty Sreerāmachandra Śāstry


When I took up my earlier work in English “In the Path of Hanumān: Personality Development & Affair Management”, the inspiration was spontaneous. At that time, I could just manage doing simple works using MS Word. And that 150 page book was not only researched, written and illustrated by me, as well as the DTP work by me on computer. How I could manage, directly on the computer, all those illustrations, some freshly created, using appropriate software, I do not know. I was not asept in any other computer programmes.

I sincerely felt that it is Lord Hanumān himself that made me his instrument. The Lord goaded me to start the work, to do it quickly and directly on the computer and, wonder of wonders, just made my hands move in coordination with my mind to create those illustrations. Whenever in doubt, I had to just lift my head and look at the pictures of the Lord I put in front of me; and the work will continue, continue non-stop. Three great Hanumān devotees, including Āchārya Chidambara Śāstry garu, visited my place during that time.

Late Śrī Sivudu Satyanarāyaņa garu, a lifetime devotee of Lord Hanumān, at the time of his visit, looked around my work place and around the house and asked, whether “I put the computer at that particular spot myself or someone advised me to do so”. I said that it just occurred to me to put it there. He put his hand gently on my head, blessed and said, “You are of the same Koundinyasa gōtra as Lord Hanumān. North-East (Eeśāanya) is the place of Hanumān. Not only you are working in the NE room of your house, but you have put the computer in the NE corner of that room. This is Hanumān’s blessings”. I believed him as all the above things that I could do so easily is purely Lord Hanumān’s benevolence.

Similarly when Śrī Chidambara Śāstry garu invited me to render the Parāśara Samhitā into English, I was in doubt as my Sanskrit knowledge is not good. But, again and again, I felt that someone is telling me, “No problem. You are good in Telugu and Hindi. You can take the help of those versions. You can use them.” From past experience, I knew very well that Sanskrit expressions can be given easily in any Indian language by putting the same words; eg: Bagalambādēvividyā, as the Indian languages have Sanskrit as the base and cultural similarities. But the same is not the case with English language and cultural dissimilarity of English speaking people. But, I felt mental nudges continuously that ‘I am not trying enough’. All this, I feel is Lord Hanumān’s way of telling me to go ahead.

So, I gave my consent to Śrī Chidambara Śāstry garu to undertake the English rendering work of Parāśara Samhitā. I felt the urge to start, spiritually feeling that I have Lord Hanumān’s gudence; always. That is how this work is before you dear readers. Please credit Lord Hanumān for the good s in it and please take me to task for any mistakes. I can only say that this is my sincere effort at the behest of Lord Hanumān.

I am also grateful to Śrī Chidambara Śāstry garu and Śrī Saratchandra garu for the encouragement and cooperation. I hope that I will be able to complete English rendering work of the Parāśara Samhitā that I began as mentioned above.

Ācārya Dr. Nadiminty Sreerāmachandra Śāstry
Place: Visakhapatnam
Date: 30.11.2016 (Deepaavali)