7. Greatness of Hindutva : Let us observe how great is the Hindu religion. Purification of Hindus commences from even while the baby is in mother’s womb. Even ‘ Garbadhanam ‘ (first coitus of couple) which is the reason for conception is also a great samskara( purification ceremory) and not other wise. Like wise even after death also, this purification process continues in the form of obsequies or death rites. This way not only the sixteen types of ‘ Samskarams’ but also various other things like vratams, rituals, fastings, charity and donations, hospitality to guests, good traditions, protection of destitues, taking care of people in difficulties and giving protection to refugees, are all the ones which purify human life.


Our ‘ Hindutva’ means to treat other women as our mothers, to consider other’s properties as worth less things and to look all living beings as equal to our self – ‘Matruvat paradareshu – Paradraveyushu losthavat; atmavat sarva bhutani’ – Hindutva is noble culture to worship this entire creation along with immovables like trees. Our tradition is such a great one as to wish for the welfare of all regions and of all people in the universe – “Lokassamasta sukhino bhavanthu” – “sarvepi sukhinassantu – sarve santu niramaya” – “sarve bhadrani pasyantu- ma kaschit dukhmaapnuyaat” – the feeling or thought of sacrificing or offering to others is a great one – we say ‘ idam na mama’ (this is not mine). Such a good intellect of ours is getting deceived now. We can see any where our broad view saying ‘Sarva Deva namaskarah kesavam pratigacchati’ and we do not say our God is the real God. We can not see the noble culture of ours in other  religions, which reflects our gratitude through out our life which is shown to wards our departed elders in the form of rites and rituals relating to Janma tithi, Punya tidhi, tarpanam and sraddha karmas. Once Nehru wrote that the good tradition of India to take bath everyday was just then spreading to other countries. Several countries in the skies thinking that science is every thing, cardiality among the people is becoming absent with increasing harshness and cruelty. Peace has become much wanted thing. If we ask our selves which way we are running, it is very much confusing. Hindu culture is the only one solution for developing humanity by showing a correct destination and also for achieving divinity in a human being. That is why the foreigners who have become billionaires, are taking refuge in the Hindu swamijis, irrespective of their standing and getting peace and satisfaction, as they have no other destination to go. For that peace, they are pouring money for ashramas. While their situation is like that, our position appears to be running in to their religions for some enticements. Every community will have a specific role,a message to be given to the world and a great work to be achieved . It is very much necessary to recognize the goal to be achieved by our community. It is foolishness to have that goal and to run after some thing with allurements and temptations.

There is no other country in the history of world, which was exposed to so many dangers and which had suffered so much slavery as our country. Even then our community has with stood them and is ready to face the new dangers and perils. The essence of our religion is crossing our borders and entering in to the literature of other countries. The reason for this is that our spiritual knowledge and philosophy is highly noble, superior and greatly significant than the thoughts of other countries. If only our people had wanted to achieve the secrets of physical sciences which preach as to how to keep the other people down trodden by giving food and water, we could have done it very easily. But leaving such a thing, our people have thought more than that, they have done philosophical thinking and achieved a level where the Hindu word and spiritual and divine life are the one and the same and not different. This is the significant feature of our community. This significant feature is the only one life line, which others can not take way from us. So long as this life line is there safely, it is impossible for any thing in this world to kill our community. If this spiritual view is not there, one can not be a Hindu.


The principles which are fundamental to our religion are very expansive as the sky and are permanent as the nature. It is natural for several branches of religion to grow from the broad based nature of those principles. The reason for this is the special feature of our religion. It is a good thing to have specific tradition for a branch of religion but it is not proper to have quarrel among those branches. No body should forget the compromising principle – “Ekam sat vipra bahutha vadanti”(Truth is one but the scholars explain it in different ways). There are great and liberalised principles in this religion. They prove the oneness among all the people.That is why Bal Gangadhar Tilak says that there is no path of salvation which is not there in the Hindu dharma. (To be Continued…)