hanumanjiBy Prof Dr N.S.R. Sastry

hanuman-dhwajThe eternal rules of the ‘Indian Way of Life & Thought’ have been keeping our society on the right path, despite several serious challenges from out side and from within.

hanuman-dhwajThe sense of righteous duty and devotion are what that –

  • Help the individual control his/her mind and body leading to a straight forward disciplined path of life
  • Help the individual the control of the destructive tendencies in self
  • Help the individual tread on to the right path of humanism
  • Help the individual turn into God – the abode of love and care

hanuman-dhwajHanumān is a unique personality, an incarnation of Siva Himself, a great disciple, a true preceptor, very powerful physically as well as spiritually, a symbolism for the very mind, a scholar-musician, a simple animal – all rolled into one – an institution in deed. We believe that He is omnipresent and ever present – in all times till to date.

hanuman-dhwajThere is a great symbolism in the personality, life, deeds and words of Hanumān that alludes to guidelines for us on how to behave, speak, prepare, act and live, i.e. manage ourselves and our combined affairs for common good.

hanuman-dhwajFor example: The most common posture of Prasannanjneya (benevolent Hanumān) idols found everywhere show Hanumān with His mighty mace in His left hand in an ‘at ease’ position and His right hand held in the posture of benediction. This is typically symbolic of remaining simple, humble and kind, though one may possess greatest of powers.

hanuman-dhwajIt is such symbolism of Hanumān’s life, deeds and words traversing time and social classifications that convey us eternal principles of personality development and management. By His very nature, He is relevant so to all sects, groups and classes of people.

hanuman-dhwajThese are most relevant especially to the youth, so that they may succeed in becoming productively useful to their family, society and the country. More so when there are unending disruptive distractions and the rotting political system and ever newer ways of exploitation around us.

hanuman-dhwajOnly the enlightened youth with wholesome personality and human values is the hope of the future of this country.

hanuman-dhwajCome on young men and women! Put a stop to the exploitative and the self centered system of our society. Bring in a ‘kind to all’ self-less and efficient management of our resources and affairs for the common good of all, with a system of your personality management on the lines of Hanumān.

hanuman-dhwajYou say Batman, Spiderman, Superman, this man and that man. But do know about our own eternal Hanumān – the genial and wise giant, scholar, protector, diplomat, devotee and the divine, all rolled into one. 


About Author

Prof. Dr. Nadiminty Sreeramachandra Śāstry (N.S.R. Sastry), a descendant of a great Sanskrit grammarian of the 18th century, Srī Nadiminty Sarvamañgaļēśwara Śāstry, creator of the basic Sanskrit learning texts Śabdamañjarī, Samāsakuśumāvalī, Vibhaktivilāsam and Ramāyaņasangraham. Prof. Śāstry’s said work titled ‘In the Path of Hanumān: Personality Development and Affair Management’, was published by a Delhi publisher. Earlier, Prof. Sastry has also brought out his ancestor’s above Sanskrit grammar works in Devanagari script with English explanations and commentary. This was published by the famous Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Publishers, Varanasi. A professor in Veterinary and Animal Sciences, and author of many professional as well as scripture-philosophy oriented books in Telugu and English.